About Us

Foshan Tianpeng Thermostats Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as “Foshan TP”) was founded in January of 1996. It is located in Foshan city, Guangdong province(PRC).

Foshan TP is the leading company in bimetallic thermostats area in China, owns a professional engineering center and lab recognized by state, acts one of drafters of national standard GB14536、GB/T22687, achieved over 30 product patents.

Foshan TP has the advanced bimetallic disc forming machines from Austria, tens of automatic assembly lines and perfect testing instruments. With a track record of 7 billions of thermostats delivered by now, Foshan TP has been the reliable partner of the first-class home appliances manufacturers in the world.

Foshan TP provides a reliable, versatile, cost-effective snap action thermostats with operation temperature from 0℃to 270℃. The typical applications are as follows:

• Microwave ovens • Coffeemakers • HVAC
• Ovens • Water dispenser • Boilers
• Electric Kettle • Rice Cooker • Dishwashers
• Steamer • Steaming mop • Refrigerators
• Sandwich toasters • Furnaces
• Washing machines • Office equipment
• Automotive seat heaters

What Makes Foshan TP Different
Foshan TP is more than the products we produce – the way we do business is just as important. Our values and culture define who we are – both individually and as an organization – ethics and values are integrated into our business practices every day, we are committed to conduct business around the world with the highest standards of legal and ethical behavior.

Our Core Values:
To pursue the life of mutual trust and growth is rooted in benevolence

Our Mission:
 To continuously create value for customers through providing precise temp. & reliable bimetallic thermostats;
 Meanwhile to help employees to achieve their dream of success.

Our Vision:
 To be the competitive bimetallic thermostat manufacturer in the global, “TP ” is to be the Brand in China.
 To create the conditions of success in life and business for employees.