Commitment to Quality
Foshan TP is committed to supporting a wide array of highly regarded quality standards to ensure we are following best practices, but more importantly, that we are delivering on our total commitment to quality for our customers. In addition to multi-point internal quality assurance audits, Foshan TP currently holds the following certifications:
 Quality Management System Certificate ISO9001:2008
 Environmental Management System Certificate ISO14001:2004

Quality Policy:
Through continuous improvement activities, to satisfy our customers’ needs by providing the first class products.

Foshan TP knows that you need more than just a product, you also need a robust thermal controlling & protection solution to your home appliances. That is what we are different with others to serve and support you and your business.
We believe “Excellence through People", our engineering center is a group of experienced and talented engineers team, They are creative and innovative in developing preciser, safer and more reliable thermostats and also offer our customers effective solutions. Metallurgic material analysis, kinematic motion simulation, weibull analysis can be conducted in our CEC and lab.
Our engineers are well trained in QFD,six Sigma, FMEA, Triz etc.. We invest in our employees for the long term – not just with salary and benefits, but with ongoing learning and development opportunities.